Psalm 102:14

For thy servants delighted in her stones, and they will compassionate her dust

Nehemiah 4:2

And he will say before his brethren and the strength of Shomeron, and he will say, What are the feeble Jews doing? will they leave to themselves? will they sacrifice? will they finish in a day? will they give life to the stones of the heaps of dust, and they being burnt?

Ezra 1:5

And there will rise up the heads to the fathers to Judah and Benjamin, and the priests and the Levites to all God roused up his spirit, to go up to build the house of Jehovah which is in Jerusalem.

Ezra 3:1-3

And the seventh month will draw near, and the sons of Israel in the cities, and the people will gather together as one man to Jerusalem.

Ezra 7:27

Praised be Jehovah the God of our fathers who gave according to this in the king's heart, to adorn the house of Jehovah which is in Jerusalem:

Nehemiah 1:3

And they will say to me, They being left which were left of the captivity there in the province, in great evil and in reproach: and the walls of Jerusalem being broken down, and its gates were burnt with fire.

Nehemiah 2:3

And saying to the king, O king, thou wilt live forever: wherefore shall not my face be sad when the city of the house of my father's sepulchres was laid waste, and its gates consumed with fire?

Nehemiah 2:17

And saying to them, Ye seeing the evil which we are in it, how Jerusalem lay waste, and her gates were burnt with fire: come ye, and we will build the walls of Jerusalem, and we shall be no more a reproach.

Nehemiah 4:6

And we shall build the wall; and all the wall will be completed even to its half: and a heart will be to the people to work.

Nehemiah 4:10

And Judah will say, The strength of the bearer was weak, and the dust much; and we shall not be able to build upon the wall.

Psalm 79:1

Chanting to Asaph. O God, the nations came into thine inheritance; they defiled thy holy temple; they set Jerusalem for ruins.

Psalm 79:7-10

For devouring Jacob and they laid Waste his dwelling.

Psalm 137:5-6

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, my right hand shall be forgotten.

Daniel 9:16

O Jehovah, according to all thy justice, now shall thine anger be turned back, and thy wrath from thy city Jerusalem, thy holy mountain: for our sins and for the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and thy people for a reproach to all those round about us.

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