Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.

General references

Bible References


Psalm 8:3
When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, [the] moon and [the] stars which you set in place--
Psalm 40:5
Many things, O Yahweh my God, you have done-- your wonderful deeds and your thoughts toward us. There is none to compare with you. If I [tried to] proclaim and tell [of them], they would be too numerous to count.
Psalm 107:31
Let them give thanks to Yahweh for his loyal love and his wonderful deeds for [the] children of humankind,
Nehemiah 9:6
"You alone are Yahweh. You alone have made the heavens, the heavens of the heavens, and all of their army, the earth and all that is in it, the waters and all that is in them. You give life to all of them, and the army of the heavens worship you.
Job 5:9
[He] is doing great and {unsearchable} things, marvelous things {without number}--

In wisdom

Psalm 136:5
To [him who] made the heavens with skill, for his loyal love [endures] forever.
Genesis 1:31
And God saw everything that he had made and, behold, [it was] very good. And there was evening, and there was morning, a sixth day.
Proverbs 3:19
Yahweh in wisdom founded the earth; he established the heavens in understanding.
Proverbs 8:22
"Yahweh possessed me, [the] first of his ways, before his acts {of old}.
Jeremiah 10:12
[He is] the maker of [the] earth by his power, [who] created the world by his wisdom, and by his understanding he stretched out heaven.
Romans 11:33
Oh, the depth of the riches and the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How unsearchable [are] his judgments and [how] incomprehensible [are] his ways!
Ephesians 1:8
that he caused to abound to us in all wisdom and insight,
Ephesians 3:10
in order that the many-sided wisdom of God might be made known now to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly [places] through the church,

The earth

Psalm 24:1
The earth is Yahweh's, with its fullness, [the] world and those who live in it,
Psalm 50:10
because every animal of the forest is mine, [the] cattle on a thousand hills.
Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with your {bounty}, and your wagon paths drip with {richness}.
Genesis 1:11
And God said, "Let the earth produce green plants [that will] bear seed--fruit trees bearing fruit {in which there is seed}--according to its kind, on the earth." And it was so.
1 Timothy 6:17
Command those [who are] rich in this present age not to be proud and not to put their hope in the uncertainty of riches, but in God, who provides us all [things] richly for enjoyment,

General references

Psalm 8:9
Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic [is] your name in all of the earth!
Ezekiel 10:10
Their appearance {was the same for each of the four of them}, as if the wheel was in the midst of a wheel.