Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Praise ye the LORD. I will praise the LORD with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation.

Bible References

I will

Psalm 9:1
To the overseer upon the death of Laban, chanting of David. I will praise, O Jehovah, with all my heart; I will recount all thy wonderful works.
Psalm 103:1
To David. Praise Jehovah, O my soul, and all within me, his holy name.
Psalm 138:1
To David. I will praise thee with all my heart: before God I will play to thee on the harp.


Psalm 22:25
Of thee my praise in the great convocation: I will complete my vows before them fearing him.
Psalm 35:18
I will praise thee in the great convocation: I will celebrate thee among a strong people.
Psalm 40:9
I announced good news, justice in the great convocation: behold, my lips I will not shut up, O Jehovah, thou knewest
Psalm 89:5
And the heavens shall confess thy wonders, O Jehovah, also thy faithfulness in the convocation of the holy ones.
Psalm 107:32
And they shall exalt him in the convocation of the people, and they shall praise him in the seat of the old men.
Psalm 108:3
I will praise thee among the people of Jehovah, and I will play on the harp in the nations.
Psalm 109:30
I will praise Jehovah greatly with my mouth; and in the midst of many will I praise him.
Psalm 149:1
Praise ye Jah. Sing to Jehovah a new song, his praise in the convocation of his godly ones.
1 Chronicles 29:10
And David will praise Jehovah before the eyes of all the convocation: and David will say, Praised be thou, O Jehovah God of Israel our father, from forever and even to forever.
2 Chronicles 6:3
And the king will turn his face, and will bless all the convocation of Israel: and all the convocation of Israel stood.
2 Chronicles 20:26
And in the fourth day they were convoked together to the valley of praise; for there they praised Jehovah: for this, they called the name of that place, The valley of praise, even to this day.