Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He hath given meat unto them that fear him: he will ever be mindful of his covenant.

General references

Bible References

Hath given

Psalm 34:9
Keep yourselves in the fear of the Lord, all you his saints; for those who do so will have no need of anything.
Psalm 37:3
Have faith in the Lord, and do good; be at rest in the land, and go after righteousness.
Isaiah 33:16
He will have a place on high: he will be safely shut in by the high rocks: his bread will be given to him; his waters will be certain.
Matthew 6:26
See the birds of heaven; they do not put seeds in the earth, they do not get in grain, or put it in store-houses; and your Father in heaven gives them food. Are you not of much more value than they?
Luke 12:30
For the nations of the world go in search of all these things: but your Father has knowledge that you have need of them.

He will

Psalm 89:34
I will be true to my agreement; the things which have gone out of my lips will not be changed.
Psalm 105:8
He has kept his agreement in mind for ever, the word which he gave for a thousand generations;
Psalm 106:45
And kept in mind his agreement with them, and in his great mercy gave them forgiveness.
Nehemiah 1:5
And said, O Lord, the God of heaven, the great God, greatly to be feared, keeping faith and mercy with those who have love for him and are true to his laws:
Daniel 9:4
And I made prayer to the Lord my God, putting our sins before him, and said, O Lord, the great God, greatly to be feared. keeping your agreement and mercy with those who have love for you and do your orders;
Luke 1:72
To do acts of mercy to our fathers and to keep in mind his holy word,

General references

Exodus 16:32
And Moses said, This is the order which the Lord has given: Let one omer of it be kept for future generations, so that they may see the bread which I gave you for your food in the waste land, when I took you out from the land of Egypt.

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