Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

Bible References

Than to put

Psalm 146:3
Do not ye trust in nobles, in a son of man who hath no deliverance:
Isaiah 30:2
Who are setting out to go down to Egypt, But at my mouth, have not asked, - Betaking them to the protection of Pharaoh And seeking refuge under the shadow of Egypt.
Isaiah 31:1
Alas! for them who are going down to Egypt for help, On horses, would rely, - And have trusted - In chariots - because they are many, and In horsemen, because they are very bold, But have not looked unto the Holy One of Israel, And onto Yahweh, have not sought.
Isaiah 36:6
Lo! thou dost trust on the support of this bruised cane, on Egypt, whereon if a man lean it will enter his hand and lay it open, - So, is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all who trust upon him.
Ezekiel 29:7
Whensoever they took held of thee by the hand, thou didst run through, and tear open for them every hand, - And whensoever they leaned upon thee, thou didst break, and caused all their loins to halt.