Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word.

Have wherewith, etc

Bible References

So shall

Psalm 3:2
Many saying to my soul, No salvation to him in God. Silence.
Psalm 42:10
With a breaking of my bones mine enemies reproached me, in their saying all the day, Where their God?
Psalm 71:10
For mine enemies said to me, and they watching my soul took counsel together,
Psalm 109:25
And I was a reproach to them: they will see me and they will shake the head.
Matthew 27:40
And saying, He loosing the temple, and building in three days, save thyself: if thou art the Son of God, come down from the cross.

Have wherewith, etc

2 Samuel 16:7
And thus said Shimei in his cursing, Come forth, come forth, thou man of bloods and man of
2 Samuel 19:18
The passing over passed over to cause the house of the king to pass over, and to do the good in his eyes. And Shimei son of Gera, fell before the king in his passing over Jordan.

For i trust

Psalm 119:49
Remember the word to thy servant upon which thou didst cause me to hope.
Psalm 56:4
In God I will praise his word, in God I trusted; I will not fear what flesh shall do to me.
Psalm 89:19
Then thou spakest in a vision to thy godly one, and thou wilt say, I put help upon the mighty one; I exalted the chosen one from the people.
2 Samuel 7:12
When thy days shall be filled up and thou shalt lie down with thy fathers, and I raised up thy seed after thee which shall come forth thy bowels, and I prepared his kingdom.
1 Chronicles 28:3
And God said to me, Thou shalt not build a house to my name, for thou a man of war, and thou didst pour out bloods.
Acts 27:25
Wherefore, O men, be cheerful: for I believe God, that so it shall be as he has spoken to me.