Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Lord, hear my voice: let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications.

Bible References

Let thine ears

Psalm 5:1
To the overseer of the pipes; chanting of David. Give ear to my sayings, O Jehovah; attend to my cry.
Psalm 17:1
Prayer of David. Hear justice, O Jehovah, attend to my outcry, give ear to my prayer, not in lips of deceit.
Psalm 55:1
To the overseer upon the stringed instrument, instruction to David. Give ear O God, to my prayer; thou wilt not hide thyself from my supplication.
Psalm 61:1
To the overseer upon the stringed instrument; to David. Hear, O God, my wailing; attend to my prayer.
2 Chronicles 6:40
Now, my God, shall thine eyes now be opened and thine ears attending to the prayer of this place.
Nehemiah 1:6
Will now thine ear be attentive and thine eye opened to hear to the prayer of thy servant which I pray before thee this day, day and night, for the sons of Israel thy servants, and confess for the sins of the sons of Israel which we sinned against thee? and and the house of my father sinned.
Isaiah 37:17
Bend, O Jehovah, thine ear, and hear; open, O Jehovah, thine eye, and see; and hear all the words of Senherib which he sent to reproach the living God.
Daniel 9:17
And now, O our God, hear to the prayer of thy servant, and his supplications, and cause thy face to shine upon thy desolated holy place, for sake of Jehovah.

General references

Psalm 27:7
Hear my voice, O Jehovah: I will call, and pity me and answer me.
Psalm 54:2
O God, hear my prayer: give ear to the sayings of my mouth.
Psalm 86:6
Give ear, O Jehovah, to my prayer, and attend upon the voice of my supplications.
Lamentations 3:55
I called thy name, O Jehovah, in the pit underneath.