Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O LORD, thou knowest it altogether.

Bible References

There is not

Psalm 19:14
The words of my mouth, and the soft utterance of my heart, shall come with acceptance, before thee, O Yahweh, my Rock and my Redeemer!
Job 8:2
How long wilt thou speak these things? Or, as a mighty wind, shall be the sayings of thy mouth?
Job 38:2
Who is it that darkeneth counsel, by words, without knowledge?
Job 42:3
Who is it that hideth counsel without knowledge? Therefore, have I declared, but not understood, things too wonderful for me, which I could not know.
Zephaniah 1:12
And it shall come to pass, at that time, that I will search through Jerusalem, with lamps, - and will punish the men who are thickened upon their lees, who are saying in their heart, Yahweh, will not give blessing, neither will he bring calamity.
Malachi 3:13
Stout against me, have been your words, saith Yahweh, - and yet ye say, What have we spoken, one to another, against thee?
Matthew 12:35
The good man, out of the good treasure, putteth forth, good things; and, the evil man, out of the evil treasure, putteth forth, evil things.
James 1:26
If any thinketh he is observant of religion, not curbing his own tongue, but deceiving his own heart, this one's, religious observance is, vain:
James 3:2
For, oft, are we stumbling, one and all: If anyone, in word, doth not stumble, the same, is a mature man, able to curb even the whole body.

Thou knowest

Psalm 50:19
Thy mouth, hast thou thrust into wickedness, And, thy tongue, kept weaving deceit;
Jeremiah 29:23
Because they have committed vileness in Israel And have committed adultery with the wives of their neighbours, And have spoken as a word in my name a falsehood, which I commanded them not, - And, I, am one who knoweth - and a witness Declareth Yahweh.
Hebrews 4:12
For, living, is the word of God, and, energetic, and more cutting than any knife with two edges, and penetrating as far as a dividing asunder of soul and spirit, of joints also, and marrow, and able to judge the impulses and designs of the heart;