Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform.

General references

Bible References


Psalm 2:1
Wherefore did the nations rage, and the peoples will meditate emptiness?
Psalm 10:2
In the pride of the unjust he will burn the poor: they shall be taken in the devices that they purposed.
Psalm 31:13
For I heard the slander of many sojourning round about: in their sitting together against me they purposed to take away my soul
Psalm 35:20
For they will not speak peace: and against the quiet of the land they will purpose words of deceits.
Jeremiah 11:18
And Jehovah made known to me and I shall know: then thou caused me to see their doings.
Ezekiel 11:2
And he will say to say to me, Son of man, these the men purposing vanity and counseling evil counsel in this city
Matthew 21:46
And seeking to lay hold on him, they feared the crowd, since they held him as a prophet.
Matthew 26:4
And they counselled together, that they might obtain Jesus by stratagem, and might kill.
Acts 5:27
And having brought them, they set in the council: and the chief priest asked them,

Are not

Psalm 83:4
They said, Come, and we will cut them off from a nation; and the name of Israel shall no more be remembered.
Isaiah 7:6
We will go up against Judah and terrify her and subdue her for us, and we will make a king in the midst of her, the son of Tabeal:
Isaiah 8:9
Make friendship, ye peoples, and be broken in pieces; and give ear, every land from afar; be girded and be broken in pieces; be girded and be broken in pieces.
Matthew 2:8
And having sent them to Bethlehem, he said, Having gone, examine thoroughly concerning the child; and when ye should find, announce ye to me, so that I also, having gone, will worship him.
Matthew 27:63
Saying, Lord, we remember that that impostor said, yet living, After three days, I arise.
Matthew 28:2
And, behold, there was a great shaking; for a messenger of the Lord, having come down out of heaven, having come near, rolled away the stone from the door, and sat above it.
Acts 4:17
But that it be not more and more exposed to the wind among the people, let us threaten them with a threat, to speak no more in this name to any man.

General references

Proverbs 24:8
He purposing to do evil for himself shall be called the master of mischief.
Luke 20:43
Even till I set thine enemies the footstool of thy feet.