Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying,

Bible References

Shoot out

Psalm 31:18
Let false lips be made dumb, - which are speaking - against a righteous one - arrogantly, with pride and contempt.
Job 16:4
I also, like you, could speak, - If your soul were in the place of my soul, I could string together words against you, and could therewith shake over you my head.
Job 30:9
But, now, their song, have I become, Yea I serve them for a byword;
Isaiah 57:4
Against whom would ye disport yourselves? Against whom would ye widen the mouth and lengthen the tongue, - Are not, ye, Children of transgression, A Seed of falsehood.
Matthew 26:66
How, to you, doth it seem? And, they, answering, said: Guilty of death, he is.


Psalm 44:14
Thou dust make us, A by-word among the nations, - A shaking of the head among the peoples.
Psalm 109:25
So, I, am become a reproach for them, They see me, they shake their head.
Isaiah 37:22
this, is the word which Yahweh hath spoken concerning him, - The virgin daughter of Zion, laugheth thee to scorn - mocketh thee, The daughter of Jerusalem after thee doth wag her head,
Matthew 27:39
And, they who were passing by, were reviling him, shaking their heads,
Mark 11:29
But, Jesus, said unto them - I will question you, as to one matter, and answer me, - and I will tell you, by what authority, these things, I am doing:

General references

Isaiah 36:15
Neither let Hezekiah cause you to trust in Yahweh saying, Yahweh, will certainly deliver, us, - this city shall not be given over, into the hand of the king of Assyria.
Lamentations 3:14
I have become a derision to all my people, their song all the day;
Romans 3:29
Or, is God the God, of Jews only, and not of the nations also? Yea! of the nations also: -