Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours: give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert.


General references

Bible References


Psalm 5:10
Hold them guilty, O God. Let them fall by their own counsels. Thrust them out in the multitude of their transgressions. For they have rebelled against thee.
Psalm 59:12
[for] the sin of their mouth, [and] the words of their lips. Let them even be taken in their pride, and for cursing and lying which they speak.
Psalm 69:22
Let their table before them become a snare, and when they are in peace, a trap, {and for a stumbling block, and for a retribution to them (LXX/NT)}.
Jeremiah 18:21
Therefore deliver up their sons to the famine, and give them over to the power of the sword, and let their wives become childless, and widows, and let their men be slain of death, [and] their young men smitten of the sword in battl
2 Timothy 4:14
Alexander the coppersmith did many evil things to me. May the Lord repay him according to his works,
Revelation 18:6
Render to her as she also rendered to you, and double to her two-fold according to her works. In the cup that she mixed, mix two-fold for her.


Psalm 2:1
Why do the nations rage, and the peoples meditate vain {things (LXX/NT)}?
Psalm 21:10
Thou will destroy their fruit from the earth, and their seed from among the sons of men.
Ezekiel 38:10
Thus says lord LORD: It shall come to pass in that day, that things shall come into thy mind, and thou shall devise an evil plan.

The work

Psalm 62:12
Also to thee, O LORD, belongs loving kindness, for thou render to every man according to his work.
Psalm 103:10
He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.
Psalm 109:17
Yea, he loved cursing, and it came to him. And he did not delight in blessing, and it was far from him.
Psalm 103:3
who forgives all thine iniquities, who heals all thy diseases,
Romans 2:6
who will render to each man according to his works,
Romans 11:22
Behold therefore the goodness and the severity of God. Indeed toward those who fell, severity, but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness, otherwise thou too will be cut off.


Ezra 9:13
And after all that has come upon us for our evil deeds, and for our great guilt, seeing that thou our God have punished us less than our iniquities deserve, and have given us such a remnant,

General references

Lamentations 3:64
Thou will render to them a recompense, O LORD, according to the work of their hands.