Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


{A Psalm of David, to bring to remembrance.} O LORD, rebuke me not in thy wrath: neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure.

Bible References


Psalm 6:1
O Yahweh! do not, in thine anger, correct me, nor, in thy wrath, chastise me.
Psalm 88:7
Upon me, hath rested thine indignation, And, with all thy breakers, hast thou caused affliction. Selah.
Isaiah 27:8
By driving her away - by dismissing her, wouldest thou contend with her? He removed her by his rough wind in, a day of east wind.
Isaiah 54:8
In an overflow of vexation, I hid my face for a moment, from thee, But, with lovingkindness age-abiding, have I had compassion on thee, - saith thy Redeemer Yahweh.
Jeremiah 10:24
Chastise me, O Yahweh But yet in measure, - Not in thine anger, lest thou make me few.
Jeremiah 30:11
For with thee, am, I, Declareth Yahweh To save thee, - Though I make an end of all the nations whither I have scattered thee, Yet will I not of thee, make an end, But will chastise thee in measure, not holding thee, guiltless!
Habakkuk 3:2
O Yahweh, I have heard tidings of thee, I am afraid. O Yahweh! Thy work - in the midst of the years, O revive it, in the midst of the years, wilt thou make known? In trouble, wilt thou remember, compassion?
Hebrews 12:5
And ye have quite forgotten the exhortation which, indeed, with you as with sons, doth reason: - My son! be not slighting the discipline of the Lord, neither be fainting, when by him, thou art reproved;


Deuteronomy 9:19
For I shrank with fear from the face of the anger and the hot displeasure, wherewith Yahweh was provoked against you to destroy you, - but Yahweh hearkened unto me, even at that time.