Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They gather themselves together, they hide themselves, they mark my steps, when they wait for my soul.

General references

Bible References


Psalm 2:1
Wherefore did the nations rage, and the peoples will meditate emptiness?
Psalm 59:3
For behold, they lay in wait for my soul: the strong will gather against me; not my transgression and not my sin, O Jehovah.
Psalm 71:10
For mine enemies said to me, and they watching my soul took counsel together,
Psalm 140:2
Who reckoned evils in the heart; all the day they will gather together wars.
Matthew 26:3
Then were gathered together the chief priests, and scribes, and the more ancient of the people, into the court-yard of the chief priest, called Caliaphas,
Matthew 27:1
And having been morning, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus, to kill him:
Acts 4:5
And it was on the morrow, their rulers, and elders, and scribes, were gathered together at Jerusalem,
Acts 23:12
And it being day, certain of the Jews having made a condition, anathematized themselves, saying, neither to eat or drink till they kill Paul.


Psalm 10:8
Sitting in ambush of the enclosures: in hiding-places he will slay the innocent: his eyes will be hid to the afflicted.
Psalm 64:2
Thou wilt cover me from the consultation of evil ones; from the crowd of the workers of vanity:
Daniel 6:4
Then the presidents and satraps were seeking to find a pretext against Daniel from the part of the kingdom; and they will not be able to find any pretext and corruption, because that he was faithful, and any error and corruption was not found upon him.


Psalm 37:32
The unjust watches for the just, and seeks to kill him,
Psalm 57:6
They prepared a net for my steps; my soul was bent down: they dug a pit before me, they fell into the midst of it. Silence.
Psalm 89:51
Which thine enemies reproached, O Jehovah; which they reproached the heels of thy Messiah.
Job 14:16
For now thou wilt count my steps: wilt thou not watch over my sin?
Job 31:4
Will he not see my way, and number all my steps?
Jeremiah 20:10
For I heard the slander of many, terror from round about Announce ye, and we will announce. Every man of my peace watching my halting: perhaps he will be persuaded, and we shall prevail against him, and we will take our vengeance of him.
Luke 20:20
And having observed narrowly, they sent liers-in-wait, feigning themselves to be just, that they might seize upon his word, to deliver him to the beginning and authority of the leader.

General references

Matthew 26:57
And they having held Jesus, brought to Caiaphas the chief priest, where the scribes and elders were gathered together.