Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.

General references

Bible References


Psalm 118:11
They have compassed me about - yea compassed me about, In the Name of Yahweh, surely I will make them be circumcised;
Exodus 17:9
And Moses said unto Joshua - Choose for us men, and go forth, fight with Amalek, - to-morrow, am, I, stationing myself upon the top of the hill, with the staff of God in my hand.
Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me that I may answer thee, - and tell thee things great and inaccessible, which thou hast not known.


Psalm 18:38
I crushed them, and they were unable to rise, They fell under my feet.
Psalm 27:2
When there drew near against me evil-doers to devour my flesh, mine adversaries, and mine enemies - mine! - they, stumbled and fell!
John 18:6
When, therefore, he said unto them, I, am he, they went backwards, and fell to the ground.


Psalm 46:7
Yahweh of hosts, is with us, A high tower for us, is the God of Jacob. Selah.
Isaiah 8:9
Rage, O ye peoples, - and be overthrown, And give ear, all ye distant parts of the earth, - Gird yourselves and be overthrown, Gird yourselves, and be overthrown:
Romans 8:31
What, then, shall we say to a these things? If God is for us, who shall be against us?

General references

Exodus 17:11
And it shall be when Moses shall lift on high his hands, then shall Israel prevail, but when he shall let down his hands, then shall Amalek prevail.