1 To the overseer, Thou wilt not destroy; to David a poem. Will ye indeed speak dumb justice? will ye judge justly, ye sons of man? 2 Also in heart ye will work evil; in the earth ye will roll the violence of your hands.
3 The unjust turned aside from the belly: they went astray from the womb, speaking falsehood. 4 Wrath to them according to the likeness of the wrath of a serpent: as the deaf adder will stop its ear; 5 Which will not hear to the voice of enchanters, charming with enchantments from wisdom.
6 God destroyed their teeth in their mouth: Jehovah broke down the young lions' grinders. 7 They shall melt away as water shall go about to them: he will bend his arrow, they shall be as cut off. 8 As a snail shall melt away he shall go: fire fell; they saw not the sun.
9 Before your pots shall perceive the thorn, as living, as in wrath, he will sweep him away. 10 The just one shall rejoice as seeing vengeance: he shall wash his footsteps in the blood of the unjust one. 11 And man shall say, Truly, fruit to the just one: truly there is a God judging in the earth.