1 Rescue me from my foes, O my God, From them who lift themselves up against me, wilt thou set me on high: 2 Rescue me, from the workers of iniquity, And, from the men of bloodshed, save me. 3 For lo! they have lain in wait for my life, Mighty ones stir up strife against me, Without transgression of mine, and without sin of mine, O Yahweh; 4 For no iniquity, do they run that they may take their stand, Rouse thyself to meet me, and see. 5 Thou, therefore, O Yahweh, God of hosts, God of Israel, Awake, to visit all the nations, Do not show favour to any iniquitous traitors. Selah.
6 They return at evening, They grow like a dog, And go round the city. 7 Lo! they belch forth with their mouth, Swords, are in their lips, For say they , Who doth hear? 8 Thou, therefore, O Yahweh, wilt laugh at them, Thou wilt mock at all nations. 9 O my Strength, unto thee, will I make melody, For, God, is my high tower. 10 My God of lovingkindness, will come to meet me, God, will let me look on mine adversaries.
11 Do not slay them, lest my people forget, Cause them to wander by thy strength, and prostrate them, Thou our shield, O Lord! 12 The sin of their mouth, The word of their lips, Let them then be captured in their pride, Both for the oath and for the deception they record. 13 Bring to a full end in wrath, Bring to a full end, that they be no more, - That men may know that, God, is ruling in Jacob, Unto the ends of the earth. Selah.
14 Yet them return, then, at evening, Let them growl like a dog, And go round the city. 15 They, may prowl about for food, - And, if they are not satisfied, then let them whine!
16 But, I, will sing thy power, And will shout aloud, in the morning, thy lovingkindness, - For thou has become a refuge for me, And a place to flee to in the day of my distress. 17 O my Strength, unto thee, will I make melody, For, God, is my high tower, my God of lovingkindness.