Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah.

Bible References

A banner

Psalm 20:5
We will shout aloud in thy salvation, and, in the Name of our God, shall we become great, Yahweh fulfil all thy petitions.
Exodus 17:15
And Moses built an altar, - and called the name thereof, Yahweh-nissi.
Song of Songs 2:4
He hath brought me into the house of wine, and, his banner over me, is love.
Isaiah 11:12
And he will lift up a standard to the nations, And will gather the outcasts of Israel, - And the dispersed of Judah, will he collect, From the four corners of the earth.
Isaiah 49:22
Thus, saith My Lord, Yahweh - Lo! I will lift up, unto nations my hand, Yea unto peoples, will I raise high my banner, - And they shall bring in thy sons in their bosom, And, thy daughters, on the shoulder shall be borne;
Isaiah 59:19
That they may revere - From the West the name of Yahweh, And from the Rising of the Sun his glory, For he will come in like a rushing stream, the breath of Yahweh, driving it on;


Psalm 12:1
O save Yahweh, for the man of lovingkindness, is no more, for the faithful, have vanished, from among the sons of men.
Psalm 45:4
And, in thy majesty, be successful! ride forth! on behalf of faithfulness, and humility - righteousness, And let thine own right hand show thee wonderful things.
Isaiah 59:14
So then there hath been a driving back of justice, And righteousness, afar off, standeth, - For truth, hath stumbled in the broad-way, And, right, cannot enter;
Jeremiah 5:1
Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, And see I pray you and know and seek out in the broad places thereof, Whether ye can find, a man, Whether there is one Doing justice Demanding fidelity, - That I may pardon her.