Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


So foolish was I, and ignorant: I was as a beast before thee.

Bible References


Psalm 69:5
O God, thou, hast known my folly, And, my wrong-doings, from thee, have not been hid.
Psalm 92:6
A man that is brutish, cannot know, And, dullard, cannot discern this: -
Proverbs 30:2
Surely, more brutish, am, I, than any man, nor doth, the understanding of a son of earth, pertain to me;
Ecclesiastes 3:18
Said, I, in my heart, as concerning the sons of men, That God was minded to prove them, - and that they might see, that they were beasts, of themselves.

As a

Psalm 32:9
Do not ye become like a horse, like a mule, without discernment, - With the bit and bridle of his mouth, hast thou to restrain him, - He will not come near unto thee.
Isaiah 1:3
An ox knoweth, his owner, And an ass his masters crib, - Israel, doth not know, My people doth not consider.