Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


So foolish was I, and ignorant: I was as a beast before thee.

Bible References


Psalm 69:5
O God, thou knewest for my folly, and my faults were not hid from thee.
Psalm 92:6
A brutish man shall not know, and a fool shall not understand this.
Proverbs 30:2
For I am brutish more than man, and not the understanding of a man to me.
Ecclesiastes 3:18
I said in my heart concerning the speeches of the sons of man, for God to separate them, and for them to see that they are cattle to themselves.

As a

Psalm 32:9
Ye shall not be as the horse, as the mule, not understanding: with bit and curb to stop his youth, not drawing near to thee.
Isaiah 1:3
. The ox knew his possessor, and the ass his lord's stall: Israel knew not; my people understood not