Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


How oft did they provoke him in the wilderness, and grieve him in the desert!

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How oft

Psalm 78:17
But again, once more sinned they against him, Resisting the Most High in a land of drought:
Psalm 95:8
Do not harden your heart as at Meribah, As on the day of Massah, in the desert;
Psalm 106:14
But lusted a lust in the desert, and tested GOD in the waste.
Numbers 14:11
Then said Yahweh unto How long! must this people, despise me? And how long can they not believe in me. in view of all the signs which I have done in their midst?
Deuteronomy 9:21
And your sin which ye had made even the calf, took I and burned it up with fire, and pounded it very small, until it was fine as dust, - then cast I the dust thereof into the torrent that descended out of the mountain.


Isaiah 7:13
Then said he - Hear, I pray you, O house of David! Is it, too little, for you to weary men, that ye must weary even my God?
Isaiah 63:10
But, they, rebelled, and grieved his Holy Spirit, - And so he turned against them as an enemy, he himself, fought against them.
Ephesians 4:30
And be not grieving the Holy Spirit of God, wherewith ye have been sealed unto a day of redemption;
Hebrews 3:15
So long as it is said - To-day, if, unto his voice, ye would hearken, do not harden your hearts, - as in the embitterment.

General references

Psalm 78:56
But they tested and resisted God Most High, And, his testimonies, did not observe;