Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


When he maketh inquisition for blood, he remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry of the humble.


Bible References


Genesis 9:5
And surely your blood, of your lives, will I require, From the hand of every living creature, will I require it, - and from the hand of man From the hand of each ones brother, will I require the life of man:
2 Kings 24:4
moreover also, for the innocent blood that he had shed, so that he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, - which Yahweh was not willing to pardon.
Isaiah 26:21
For lo! Yahweh, is coming forth out of his place, To visit the iniquity of earths inhabitant upon him, - Therefore shall the earth unveil her shed-blood, And throw a covering, no longer over her slain.
Matthew 23:35
That there may come upon you - all righteous blood poured out upon the earth, from the blood of Abel the righteous, unto the blood of Zachariah, son of Barachiah, whom ye murdered between the Temple and the altar.
Luke 11:50
That the blood of all the prophets which hath been shed from the foundation of the world, may be sought out, from this generation, -
Revelation 6:9
And, when he opened the fifth seal, I saw, beneath the altar, the souls of them who had been slain because of the word of God and because of the witness which they held.
Revelation 16:6
Because, blood of saints and prophets, poured they out, and, blood, unto them, hast thou given to drink: Worthy, they are!

He forgetteth

Psalm 10:14
Thou hast seen! For, thou, mischief and misery, dost discern, to requite with thine own hand, Unto thee, doth, the unfortunate one, give himself up, To the fatherless, thou thyself, hast become a helper.
Psalm 22:24
For he hath not despised nor abhorred the humbling of the patient one, neither hath he hid his face from him, but, when he cried for help unto him, he heard.
Psalm 34:6
This, oppressed one cried, and, Yahweh, heard - and, out of all his distresses, saved him.
Psalm 102:17
Hath turned towards the prayer of the destitute, And not despised their prayer,
Exodus 3:7
Then said Yahweh, I have, seen, the humiliation of my people, who are in Egypt, - and their outcry, have I heard, by reason of their task-masters, for I know their pains;
Luke 18:7
And shall, God, in any wise not execute the vindication of his chosen ones, who are crying out to him day and night, although he beareth long with regard to them?


Judges 10:16
And they put away the gods of the stranger out of their midst, and served Yahweh, - and his soul was impatient of the misery of Israel.

General references

Genesis 18:30
And he said Let it not, I pray thee, be vexing to My Lord, but let me speak, Peradventure there may be found there - thirty And be said, I will not to it, if I find there - thirty.
Exodus 21:26
And, when a man smiteth the eye of his servant, or the eye of his handmaid, and destroyeth it, he shall send him forth, free, for his eye;
Deuteronomy 21:1
When there shall be found one slain on the soil which Yahweh thy God is giving unto thee to possess, lying prostrate in the field, - it not being known who smote him,
1 Kings 21:17
Then came the word of Yahweh unto Elijah the Tishbite, saying: