Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

The depth

Psalm 107:8
Let them give thanks to Yahweh for his lovingkindness, and for his wonderful dealings with the sons of men;
Proverbs 25:3
The heavens for height, and the earth for depth, but, the heart of kings, cannot be searched.
Ephesians 3:18
In order that ye may be mighty enough to grasp firmly, with all the saints, - what is the breadth and length and depth and height,


Romans 2:4
Or, the riches of his kindness, and forbearance, and long-suffering, dost thou despise, - not knowing that, the kindness of God, unto repentance, is leading thee?
Romans 9:23
In order that he might make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which he prepared beforehand for glory, -
Ephesians 1:7
In whom we have the redemption through his blood, the remission of our offences, according to the riches of his favour,
Ephesians 2:7
That he might point out, in the oncoming ages, the surpassing riches of his favour in graciousness upon us, in Christ Jesus;
Ephesians 3:8
Unto me - the less than least of all saints, was given this favour, unto the nations, to announce the glad-message of the untraceable riches of the Christ,
Colossians 1:27
Unto whom God hath been pleased to make known what is the glorious wealth of this sacred secret among the nations, which is Christ in you, the hope of the glory, -
Colossians 2:2
In order that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, even unto all the riches of the full assurance of their understanding, unto a personal knowledge of the sacred secret of God, - Christ:


Job 5:9
Who doeth great things, beyond all search, - Wondrous things, till they cannot be recounted;
Job 9:10
Who doeth great things, past finding out, and marvels, beyond number.
Job 11:7
The hidden depth of GOD canst thou discover? Or, unto the furthest limit of the Almighty, canst thou attain?
Job 26:14
Lo! these, are the fringes of his way, and what a whisper of a word hath been heard of him! But, the thunder of his might, who could understand?
Job 33:13
Wherefore, against him, hast thou contended? For, with none of his reasons, will he respond.
Job 37:19
Let us know what we shall say to him, We cannot set in order, by reason of darkness.
Psalm 36:6
Thy righteousness, is like mighty mountains, and, thy just decrees, are a great resounding deep, - Man and beast, thou savest, O Yahweh!
Psalm 40:5
Mighty things, hast thou done - Thou, Yahweh my God, Thy wonderful doings and thy purposes to-wards us, There is no setting them in order unto thee - I would tell, and would speak! - They are too great to rehearse.
Psalm 77:19
In the sea, was thy way, And, thy path, in the mighty waters, And, thy footprints, could not be known:
Psalm 92:5
How great have grown thy works, Yahweh, How very deep are laid thy plans!
Psalm 97:2
Clouds and thick darkness, are round about him, Righteousness and justice, are the establishing of his throne.
Ecclesiastes 3:11
Everything, hath he made beautiful in its own time, - also, intelligence, hath he put in their heart, without which men could not find out the work which God hath wrought, from the beginning even unto the end.
Daniel 4:35
And, all the inhabitants of the earth, as nothing, are accounted, and, according to his own pleasure, dealeth he - with the army of the heavens, and the inhabitants of the earth, - and none there is who can smite upon his hand, or say to him, What hast thou done?

General references

Job 28:14
The resounding deep, hath said, It is not in me! And, the sea, hath said, It is not with me!
Ecclesiastes 7:24
Far away, is that which hath been, - and deep, deep, who can find it out?
Isaiah 55:9
For, higher, are the heavens than the earth, - So, higher, are My ways than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.
Ezekiel 10:10
and as for their appearance, one likeness had they our,-as might be a wheel in the midst of a wheel.