Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.

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For i

Matthew 19:20
The young man saith unto him - These all, have I kept, - What, further, do I lack?
Luke 10:25
And lo! a certain lawyer, arose, putting him to the test, saying - Teacher! by doing what, shall I inherit, life age-abiding?
Luke 15:29
But, he, answering said unto his father - Lo! so many years as these, do I serve thee, and, at no time, a commandment of thine, have I transgressed, - And, unto me, at no time, hast thou given a kid, that, with my friends, I might make merry;
Luke 18:9
And he spake, even unto certain who were confident in themselves that they were righteous, and were despising the rest, this parable: -
Philippians 3:5
Circumcised, the eighth day, of the race of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews, - regarding law, a Pharisee,


Matthew 5:21
Ye have heard, that it was said, to them of olden time, - Thou shalt not commit murder, and, whosoever shall commit murder, shall be, liable, to judgment.
Matthew 15:4
For, God, said - Honour thy father and thy mother, and - He that revileth father or mother, let him, surely die!
Mark 7:8
Having, dismissed, the commandment, of God, ye, hold fast, the tradition, of men.

And i died

Romans 7:4
So, then, my brethren, ye also, were made dead unto the law through the body of the Christ, to the end ye might become another's - his who from among the dead was raised, in order that we might bring forth fruit unto God.
Romans 3:20
Inasmuch as, by works of law, shall no flesh be declared righteous before him, - through law, in fact, is discovery of sin.
Galatians 2:19
For, I, through means of law, unto law, died, that, unto God, I might live: -

General references

Mark 10:20
And, he, said unto him - Teacher! all these things, have I kept, from my youth.
John 16:9
Concerning sin, indeed, because they are not believing on me;