Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Ephesians 3:18
so that you and all God's people may be strong enough to grasp what breadth, length, height, and depth mean,


2 Thessalonians 2:4
the adversary of every being that is called a god or an object of worship, and so overbearing toward them as to enter God's sanctuary and take his seat there, proclaiming himself to be God??5 do you not remember that when I was with you, I used to tell you this?
Revelation 13:1
Then I stood on the sand of the seashore, and I saw an animal come up out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads, and with ten diadems on its horns, and blasphemous titles on its heads.


Romans 11:33
How inexhaustible God's resources, wisdom, and knowledge are! How unfathomable his decisions are, and how untraceable his ways!
Matthew 24:24
for false Christs and false prophets will appear, and they will show great signs and wonders to mislead God's chosen people if they can.
2 Corinthians 2:11
to keep Satan from getting the better of us. For we know what he is after.
2 Corinthians 11:3
But I am afraid that just as the serpent by his cunning deceived Eve, your thoughts will be led astray from their single-hearted fidelity to Christ.
2 Thessalonians 2:9
The other's appearance, by the contrivance of Satan, will be full of power and pretended signs and wonders,
Revelation 2:24
But to the rest of you at Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching and have not learned the "deep things" of Satan, as they call them??o you I say, I have no fresh burden to lay on you,
Revelation 12:9
So the great dragon, the ancient serpent who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world, was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him.
Revelation 13:14
It leads the inhabitants of the earth astray by the wonders it is allowed to do on behalf of the animal, telling the inhabitants of the earth to erect a statue to the animal that bears the mark of the sword-thrust and yet lives.
Revelation 19:20
And the animal was captured and with it the false prophet who performed wonders on its behalf by means of which he led astray those who had let the animal's mark be put on them and who worshiped its statue. Both of them were flung alive into the fiery lake of burning brimstone.
Revelation 20:3
and hurled him into the abyss and he closed it and sealed it over him, to keep him from leading the heathen astray any longer, until the thousand years are over; after that he has to be released for a little while.

Shall be

John 10:28
and I give them eternal life, and they shall never be lost, and no one shall tear them out of my hands.
Colossians 3:3
For you have died, and your life now lies hidden with Christ in God.


Romans 8:35
Who can separate us from Christ's love? Can trouble or misfortune or persecution or hunger or destitution or danger or the sword?
Romans 5:8
But God proves his love for us by the fact that Christ died for us when we were still sinners.
John 3:16
For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that no one who believes in him should be lost, but that they should all have eternal life.
John 16:27
for the Father loves you himself because you love me and believe that I have come from the Father.
John 17:26
I have made your self known to them and I will do so still, so that the love which you have had for me may be in their hearts, and I may be there also."
Ephesians 1:4
Through him he chose us out before the creation of the world, to be consecrated and above reproach in his sight in love.
Ephesians 2:4
But God is so rich in mercy that because of the great love he had for us,
Titus 3:4
But when the goodness and kindness of God our Savior were revealed,
1 John 4:9
God's love for us has been revealed in this way??hat God has sent his only Son into the world, to let us have life through him.

General references

1 Corinthians 15:30
Why do we ourselves run such risks every hour?