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Then went Boaz up to the gate, and sat him down there: and, behold, the kinsman of whom Boaz spake came by; unto whom he said, Ho, such a one! turn aside, sit down here. And he turned aside, and sat down.

The kinsman

General references

Bible References

To the gate

Deuteronomy 16:18
You must appoint judges and civil servants for each tribe in all your villages that the Lord your God is giving you, and they must judge the people fairly.
Deuteronomy 17:5
you must bring to your city gates that man or woman who has done this wicked thing -- that very man or woman -- and you must stone that person to death.
Deuteronomy 21:19
his father and mother must seize him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his city.
Deuteronomy 25:7
But if the man does not want to marry his brother's widow, then she must go to the elders at the town gate and say, "My husband's brother refuses to preserve his brother's name in Israel; he is unwilling to perform the duty of a brother-in-law to me!"
Job 29:7
When I went out to the city gate and secured my seat in the public square,
Job 31:21
if I have raised my hand to vote against the orphan, when I saw my support in the court,
Amos 5:10
The Israelites hate anyone who arbitrates at the city gate; they despise anyone who speaks honestly.

The kinsman

Ruth 3:12
Now yes, it is true that I am a guardian, but there is another guardian who is a closer relative than I am.

Ho, such

Isaiah 55:1
"Hey, all who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come! Buy and eat! Come! Buy wine and milk without money and without cost!
Zechariah 2:6
"You there! Flee from the northland!" says the Lord, "for like the four winds of heaven I have scattered you," says the Lord.

General references

Job 29:7
When I went out to the city gate and secured my seat in the public square,

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