Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.

General references

Bible References


1 Timothy 3:2
It is needful, then, for, the overseer, to be irreproachable, a husband, of one wife, sober, of sound mind, orderly, hospitable, apt in teaching,

The husband

Leviticus 21:7
A woman that is unchaste or dishonoured, shall they not take, And a woman divorced from her husband, shall they not take, - For holy, he is unto his God.
Ezekiel 44:22
Neither widow nor divorced woman, shall they take to them to wife, - But, virgins of the seed of the house of Israel, Or a widow who shall be the widow of a priest shall they take.
Malachi 2:15
Now was it not, One, who made you who had, the residue of the spirit? What, then, of that One? He was seeking a godly seed. Therefore should ye take heed to your spirit, and, with the wife of thy youth, do not thou deal treacherously.
Luke 1:5
It came to pass, in the days of Herod, king of Judaea, that there was a certain priest, by name Zachariah, of the daily course of Abia; and that he had a wife of the daughters of Aaron, and, her name, was Elizabeth.
1 Timothy 3:12
Let, ministers, be husbands of, one wife, over children, presiding, well, and over their own houses;


Genesis 18:19
For I have become his intimate friend, To the end that he may command his sons and his house after him, so shall they keep the way of Yahweh, by doing righteousness and justice. To the end that Yahweh may bring in for Abraham, what he hath spoken concerning him.
1 Samuel 2:11
Then went Elkanah to Ramah, unto his own house, - but, the boy, remained ministering unto Yahweh, before Eli the priest.
1 Samuel 3:12
In that day, will I confirm against Eli, all that I have spoken against his house, - beginning and finishing.
1 Timothy 3:4
Over his own house, presiding, well, having, children, in submission, with all dignity;


Proverbs 28:7
He that keepeth instruction, is a son with discernment, but, a companion of squanderers, bringeth shame to his father.


Titus 1:10
For there are many unruly men, vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision, -
1 Thessalonians 5:14
But we exhort you, brethren - admonish the disorderly, soothe them of little soul, help the weak, be longsuffering towards all:

General references

Leviticus 14:42
and shall take other stones, and put in the place of the stones, - and, other mortar, shall he take and plaster the house.
Ezekiel 44:9
Thus saith My Lord, Yahweh, No son of a foreigner Uncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into my sanctuary, - -of any son of a foreigner, who is in the midst of the sons of Israel.