1 You must instruct people in what is due to sound doctrine. 2 Tell the older men to be temperate, serious, masters of themselves, sound in faith, in love, and in stedfastness. 3 Tell the older women also to be reverent in their demeanour and not to be slanderers or slaves to drink; 4 they must give good counsel, so that the young women may be trained to love their husbands and children, 5 to be mistress of themselves, chaste, domestic, kind, and submissive to their husbands ??otherwise it will be a scandal to the gospel.
6 Tell the young men also to be masters of themselves at all points; 7 set them an example of good conduct; be sincere and serious in your teaching, 8 let your words be sound and such that no exception can be taken to them, so that the opposite side may be confounded by finding nothing that they can say to our discredit.
9 Tell servants to be submissive to their masters and to give them satisfaction all round, not to be refractory, 10 not to embezzle, but to prove themselves truly faithful at all points, so as to be an ornament to the doctrine of God our Saviour in all respects.
11 For the grace of God has appeared to save all men, 12 and it schools us to renounce irreligion and worldly passions and to live a life of self-mastery, of integrity, and of piety in this present world, 13 awaiting the blessed hope of the appearance of the Glory of the great God and of our Saviour Christ Jesus, 14 who gave himself up for us to redeem us from all iniquity and secure himself a clean people with a zest for good works.
15 Tell them all this, exhort and reprove, with full authority; let no one slight you.