1 In that time shall the house of David and the citizens of Jerusalem have an open well, to wash of sin and uncleanness. 2 And then, sayeth the LORD of Hosts, I will destroy the names of Idols out of the land: so that they shall no more be put in remembrance. As for the false prophets also and the unclean spirit, I shall take them out of the land: 3 so that if any of them prophesy any more, his own father and mother that begat him, shall say unto him, 'Thou shalt die, for thou speakest lies under the name of the LORD.' Yea, his own father and mother that begat him, shall wound him, when he prophesieth. 4 And then shall those prophets be confounded, everyone of his vision when he prophesieth: neither shall they wear sackcloth anymore, to deceive men withal. 5 But he shall be fain to say, 'I am no Prophet: I am a husbandman, for so am I taught by Adam from my youth up.' 6 And if it be said unto him, 'How came these wounds then in thine hands?' He shall answer, 'Thus am I wounded in the house of mine own friends.'
7 "Arise, O thou sword, upon my shepherd, and upon the prince of my people, sayeth the LORD of Hosts: Smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered abroad, and so will I turn mine hand to the little ones. 8 And it shall come to pass, sayeth the LORD, that in all the land two parts shall be rooted out, but the third part shall remain therein. 9 And the same third part will I bring through the fire, and will cleanse them, as the silver is cleansed: Yea and try them, like as gold is tried. Then shall they call upon my name, and I will hear them: I will say, 'It is my people.' And they shall say, 'LORD, my God.'"