Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

They shall

Deuteronomy 28:28
Yahweh, will smite thee, with madness and with blindness, - and with terror of heart;
Psalm 79:3
They have poured out their blood like water, Round about Jerusalem, With none to bury.
Isaiah 29:10
For Yahweh, hath poured out upon you, a spirit of deep sleep, Yea hath tightly shut your eyes - the prophets, - And, your heads - the seers, hath he covered,
Isaiah 59:9
For this cause, hath justice removed far from us, And righteousness overtaketh us not, - We wait for light, But lo! darkness, For brightness, In thick darkness, we walk:
Lamentations 4:14
They have wandered - blind - in the streets, have defiled themselves with blood; so that men may not touch their garments.
Matthew 15:14
Let them alone! they are, blind leaders; and, if the, blind, lead the, blind, both, into a ditch, will fall.
John 9:40
They of the Pharisees who were with him, heard, these things, and said unto him - Are, we also, blind?
Romans 11:7
What then? That which Israel seeketh after, the same, it hath not obtained: - the election, however, have obtained it, and, the rest, have been hardened; -
2 Corinthians 4:4
In whom, the god of this age, hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, to the end they may not discern the radiance e of the glad-message of the glory of the Christ - who is the image of God.
2 Peter 1:9
For, he to whom these things are not present, is, blind, seeing only what is near, having come, to forget, his purification from his old sins.
1 John 2:11
Whereas, he that hateth his brother, in the darkness, dwelleth, and in the darkness, walketh; and knoweth not whither he is drifting, because the, darkness, hath blinded his eyes.
Revelation 3:17
Because thou sayest, Rich, am I, and have become enriched, and, of nothing, have I need, and knowest not that, thou, art the wretched one, and pitiable, and destitute, and blind, and naked,


Isaiah 24:5
Yea the earth itself is profaned under them who dwell therein, - For they have Set aside laws, Gone beyond statute, Broken an age-abiding covenant.
Isaiah 50:1
Thus, saith Yahweh - Where then is the set, oil of your mothers divorce, whom I have put away? Or, which of my creditors, is it to whom I have sold you? Lo! for your iniquities, have ye been sold, And for your transgressions, hath your mother been put away.
Isaiah 59:12
For our transgressions have multiplied before thee, And flour sins have witnessed against us, - For, our transgressions, are with us, And as for our iniquities, we acknowledge them:
Jeremiah 2:17
Is not this what thou wast certain to do for thyself, - in that thou didst forsake Yahweh thy God, when he was leading thee by the way?
Jeremiah 4:18
Thine own way And thine own doings, Have done these things unto thee, - This thy wickedness, Surely it is bitter, Surely it hath reached unto thy heart.
Lamentations 1:8
Jerusalem, hath grievously sinned, For this cause, unto exile, hath she been delivered, - All who used to honour her, have despised her, for they have descried her unseemliness, yea, she herself, hath sighed, and turned back.
Lamentations 4:13
It is for the sins of her prophets, the iniquities of her priests, - who have been pouring out, in her midst, the blood of the righteous!
Lamentations 5:16
Fallen is the crown of our head. Surely woe to us, for we have sinned.
Ezekiel 22:25
Because her princes in her midst are like a roaring lion rending prey, - Life, have they devoured Wealth and precious things, have they been wont to take, Her widows, have they multiplied in her midst.
Daniel 9:5
We have sinned and committed iniquity, and been guilty of lawlessness and been rebellious, - even departing from thy commandments, and from thy regulations;
Micah 3:9
Hear this, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob, and ye judges of the house of Israel, - who abhor justice, and, all right, do pervert:
Micah 7:13
Though the land become a desolation, because of them that dwell therein, - by reason of the fruit of their doings.

And their blood

2 Kings 9:33
And he said - Hurl her down. And they hurled her down, - and there was sprinkled of her blood - upon the wall, and upon the horses, and they trode upon her.
Psalm 83:10
They perished at En-dor, They become manure for the soil!
Jeremiah 9:21
That death Hath come up through our windows, Hath entered our palaces, - Cutting off The boy from the street, The young men from the broadways.
Jeremiah 15:3
And I will set in charge over them - four species Declareth Yahweh, The sword to slay, and The dogs to trail along, - and The bird of the heavens and The beast of the earth to devour and to destroy.
Jeremiah 16:4
Of deaths from diseases, shall they die, They shall not be lamented, Neither shall they be buried, As heaps of dung on the face of the ground, shall riley serve, - Yea by sword and by famine, shall they be consumed, And, their dead bodies shall become, food - To the bird of the heavens, and To the beast of the earth.
Jeremiah 18:21
Therefore, give thou up their sons to the famine And deliver them into the hands of the sword, And let their, wives, become, childless and widows, And let, their men, be slain by death, Their young men be smitten by the sword in battle.
Lamentations 2:21
Youth and elder, have lain down on the ground in the streets, My virgins and my young men, have fallen by the sword, - Thou hast slain, in the day of thine anger, Thou hast slaughtered, hast not spared!
Lamentations 4:14
They have wandered - blind - in the streets, have defiled themselves with blood; so that men may not touch their garments.
Amos 4:10
I have sent among you pestilence, in the manner of Egypt, I have slain, with the sword, your young men, and therewith have been taken captive your horses, And I have caused to ascend - the stench of your camps, even into your own nostrils, Yet ye have not returned unto me, Declareth Yahweh.

General references

Mark 13:24
But, in those days, after that tribulation, the sun, shall be darkened, and, the moon, will not give her brightness,
Acts 2:19
And I will set forth wonders in the heaven above, and signs upon the earth beneath, - blood and fire and vapour of smoke: