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'Tabernacle of the Testimony' in the Bible

These are the records of the tabernacle, the tabernacle of the testimony, which [were] recorded at the {command of} Moses, the work of the Levites, in the hand of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest.

You will {appoint} them over the tabernacle of the testimony, over all its vessels, and over all that belongs to it. They will carry the tabernacle and all its vessels, and they will care for it; and they will camp around the tabernacle.

But the Levites will encamp around the tabernacle of the testimony, and there will not be wrath on the community of the {Israelites}; and the Levites will keep the requirements of the tabernacle of the testimony."

And it happened, in the second year, in the second month, on [the] twentieth of the month the cloud was lifted from upon the tabernacle of the testimony.

The tabernacle of the testimony {belonged} to our fathers in the wilderness, just as the one who spoke to Moses directed [him] to make it according to the design that he had seen,