2 Chronicles 25:5-16 - Amaziah's Campaign Against Edom

5 And Amaziah will gather Judah together, and set them up for the house of the fathers for chiefs of thousands, and for chiefs of hundreds, to all Judah and Benjamin: and he will review them from the son of twenty years and above, and he will find them three hundred thousand chosen going forth to war, holding spear and shield. 6 And he will hire from Israel a hundred thousand strong of power, with a hundred talents of silver.

7 And a man of God came to him, saying, O king, the army of Israel shall not go with thee; for Jehovah is not with Israel all the sons of Ephraim. 8 For if thou goest, to be strong for war: God will cause thee to falter before the enemy, for there is power with God to help and to cause to falter.

9 And Amaziah will say to the man of God, And what to do for the hundred talents of silver which I gave to the troop of Israel? And the man of God will say, There is to Jehovah to give to thee much above this.

10 And Amaziah will separate them for the troop which came to him from Ephraim to go to their place: and their anger will kindle greatly against Judah, and they will turn back to their place in the heat of anger.

11 And Amaziah strengthened himself, and he will lead out his people, and go to the valley of salt, and he will strike the sons of Seir, ten thousand. 12 And ten thousand living the sons of Judah carried away captive, and they will bring them to the head of the rock, and they will cast them down from the head of the rock, and they were rent asunder all of them.

13 And the sons of the troop which Amaziah turned back from going with him to war, and they will invade upon the cities of Judah from Shomeron and even to the house of the hollow, and he will strike of them three thousand, and they will plunder much plunder.

14 And it will be after Amaziah came from the smiting of the Edomites, and he will bring the gods of the sons of Seir, and he will set them up to him for gods, and worship before them, and burn incense to them. 15 And the anger of Jehovah will kindle against Amaziah, and he will send to him a prophet, and he will say to him, Wherefore soughtest thou the gods of the people who delivered not their people from thy hand?

16 And it will be in his speaking to him, and he will say to him, Did they give thee for counselor to the king? Desist; for thyself, wherefore shall they strike thee? And the prophet will desist, and say, I knew that God counseled to destroy thee, for thou didst this, and thou heardest not to my counsel.