Amos 7:10-17 - Amaziah's Opposition

10 Then sent Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, unto Jeroboam king of Israel, saying: A conspiracy hath Amos, raised against thee, in the midst of the house of Israel, The land, is not able to endure, all his words; 11 For, thus, saith Amos, By the sword, shall Jeroboam, die, - and, Israel, shall, surely be exiled, from off his own soil.

12 Then said Amaziah unto Amos, O seer, go flee thee away unto the land o Judah - and eat, there, bread, and, there, mayest thou prophesy; 13 But, at Bethel, not again, any more, mayest thou prophesy, - for, the holy place of the king, it is, and, the house of the kingdom, it is.

14 Then answered Amos, and said unto Amaziah, No prophet, was I, - nor the son of a prophet, was I, - but, a herdman, was I, and a preparer of sycamore fruit; 15 But Yahweh, took me away, from following the flock, - and Yahweh, said unto me, Go prophesy against my people Israel.

16 Now, therefore, hear thou the word of Yahweh, - Thou art saying, Thou must not prophesy concerning Israel, nor let thy word drop down upon the house of Isaac.

17 Therefore - Thus, saith Yahweh, Thy wife, in the city, will commit unchastity, and, thy sons and thy daughters, by the sword, shall fall, and, thine own soil, by line, shall he apportioned, - and, thou, on a polluted soil, shalt die, and, Israel, shall, surely go into exile, away front his own soil.