Ezra 6:1-5 - Darius' Search For The Decree

1 Then King Darius issued an order to search the Hall of Records where the Babylonian archives were stored. 2 The following was found written on a scroll in Ecbatana at the summer palace of the province of Media: 3 DATE: First year of Cyrus the King FROM: King Cyrus SUBJECT: The Temple of God in Jerusalem 4 Let the Temple be rebuilt where they offered sacrifices. Let the foundations thereof be laid with a height of 60 cubits and a width of 60 cubits, constructed with three layers of foundation stone interlaced with a row of new timber, the expenses for which are to be paid from the king's treasury. 5 Furthermore, let the gold and silver utensils from the Temple of God (that Nebuchadnezzar took from the Temple in Jerusalem and carried off to Babylon) be brought back to the Temple at Jerusalem and restored to their respective places in the Temple of God.

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