Jeremiah 4:23-31 - Jeremiah's Vision Of The Coming Destruction

23 I looked at the earth, and it was formless and void, at the heavens, and there was no light there. 24 I looked at the mountains; they were quaking, and all the hills moved back and forth. 25 I looked, and no people were there. All the birds of the sky had gone. 26 I looked, and the fruitful land had become a desert. All its towns were broken down because of the LORD, because of his burning anger.

27 For this is what the LORD says: "The entire land will be devastated, but I won't completely destroy it. 28 Because of this, the land will mourn, and the heavens above will be dark. Because I have spoken and decided, I won't turn back from doing it."

29 At the sound of the horseman and the archer the entire city flees. Its residents go into the thickets and climb among the rocks. Every city is abandoned, and no one lives in them. 30 You are ruined! What are you doing dressing in scarlet, putting on golden ornaments, and highlighting your eyes with makeup? You are making yourself beautiful in vain. Your lovers reject you they're out to kill you. 31 I heard a cry like that of a woman in labor, anguish like one giving birth to her firstborn, the cry of the daughter of Zion gasping for air, stretching out her hand: "Woe is me! I'm about to faint in front of killers!"

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