Psalm 149:1-9 - Praise To God For His Future Judgment

1 Hallelujah! Sing a new song to the LORD, praising him where the godly gather together. 2 May Israel rejoice in its Maker, and Zion's descendants in their King! 3 May they praise his name with dancing, chanting songs to him with tambourines and lyres. 4 For the LORD is pleased with his people; he beautifies the afflicted with salvation. 5 May those he loves be exalted, singing for joy on their couches.

6 Let high praises to God be heard in their throats, while they wield two-edged swords in their hands 7 as they bring retribution to nations and punishment to nations, 8 binding their kings with chains, their officials with iron bands, 9 and executing the judgment written against them. This is honor for all the ones he loves. Hallelujah!

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