Song of Songs 4:12-Song of Songs 5:1 - The Locked Garden Of Delights Is Unlocked

12 A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; A spring shut up, a fountain sealed. 13 Thy shoots are a paradise of pomegranates, with precious fruits; Henna with spikenard plants; 14 Spikenard and saffron; Calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; Myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices: 15 A fountain in the gardens, A well of living waters, Which stream from Lebanon.

16 Awake, north wind, and come, thou south; Blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow forth. Let my beloved come into his garden, And eat its precious fruits.

1 I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse; I have gathered my myrrh with my spice; I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk. Eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, beloved ones!