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a name applied to Haman and also to his father (Es 3:1,10; 8:3,5). Probably it was equivalent to Amalekite.

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The designation of Haman (Es 3:1,10; 8:3,5; 9:24). Josephus (Ant. XI. vi. 5) calls him an Amalekite. The epithet in Esther indicates that, as Agag was Saul's adversary, so Haman was the foe of this other Benjamite. The Septuagint reads Bugaios, Es 3:1; 8:5, omits at Es 3:10, and at Es 9:24, EST 16:10 has Macedonian, a word of evil connotation after Antiochus Epiphanes.

J. Taylor.

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Haman was the son of Hammedatha the Agagite. Es 3:1-10; 8:3,5; 9:24. F?rst says the Gentile name "of Haman is therefore explained by Josephus ?? ????? ?????????? and so too by Jewish tradition." That is, that Haman was an Amalekite. This explains why Mordecai refused to bow down before Haman. He was of that race with which Jehovah had sworn to have war for ever, and which Saul was directed to utterly exterminate. Ex 17:16; De 25:19; 1Sa 15:3.

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