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(1.) The expression in the Authorized Version of Jos 19:33, "from Allon to Zaanannim," is more correctly rendered in the Revised Version, "from the oak in Zaanannim." The word denotes some remarkable tree which stood near Zaanannim, and which served as a landmark.

(2.) The son of Jedaiah, of the family of the Simeonites, who expelled the Hamites from the valley of Gedor (1Ch 4:37).

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1. ALLON or ELON, a city of Naphtali (Jos 19:33); others translate "the oak by Zaanaim" or "the oak of the loading of tents" (compare Jg 4:11), "the plain of Zaanaim the swamp, Ewald by Kedesh."

2. ALLON BACHUTH, "the oak of weeping," namely, for Deborah, Rebekah's nurse: corrupted into Tabor (1Sa 10:3; compare Jg 4:5).

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1. The head of a family of 'Solomon's servants' (1Es 5:34). He may be the same as Ami (Ezr 2:57), or Amon (Ne 7:59). 2. A Simeonite prince (1Ch 4:37).

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The word allon is held to signify a strong and hardy tree, especially 'the oak,' as the word is translated in several passages.

1. Place in Naphtali, Jos 19:33 ; or perhaps it may read, 'from the oak at Zaanannim,' referring to some well-known old tree.

2. Chief of a family descended from Simeon. 1Ch 4:37.

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(an oak) a Simeonite, ancestor of Ziza, a prince of his tribe in the reign of Hezekiah

1Ch 4:37

(B.C. 727.)

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