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Reference: Ashdod


A city in the Philistine Pentapolis; not captured by Joshua (Jos 13:3), and a refuge for the unslaughtered Anakim (Jos 11:22); theoretically assigned to the tribe of Judah (Jos 15:47). Hither the Phliistines brought the ark, and sent it thence to Gath, on account of an outbreak probably of bubonic plague (1Sa 5:1-8). Uzziah attacked the city, destroyed its walls, and established settlements near it (2Ch 26:6). The Ashdodites joined with Sanballat in opposing Nehemiah s restoration of Jerusalem (Ne 4:7), yet some of the Jews of the period married wives from Ashdod, and their children spoke in its dialect (Ne 13:23-24). It was captured by Sargon's commander-in-chief (Isa 20:1). Jeremiah, Amos, Zephaniah, and Zechariah speak denunciations against it. It was again captured by Judas Maccab

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