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A town of Moab, in the limits assigned to Reuben, and conquered from the Amorites, Jos 13:20. It was infamous for the worship of Baal-peor. In the adjacent valley Moses rehearsed the law to Israel, and was buried, De 4:44-46; 34:6.

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house of Peor; i.e., "temple of Baal-peor", a place in Moab, on the east of Jordan, opposite Jericho. It was in the tribe of Reuben (Jos 13:20; De 3:29; 4:46). In the "ravine" or valley over against Beth-peor Moses was probably buried (De 34:6).

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A city belonging to Reuben (Jos 13:20), located most probably some four or five miles north of Mt. Nebo, near the Pisgah range. Just opposite to it, in the ravine (W

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