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House, forms a part of many compounds names of places, and sometimes means the place or dwelling; and at others the temple. This word becomes Beit in modern Arabic.


occurs frequently as the appellation for a house, or dwelling-place, in such compounds as the words immediately following:


("a fixed dwelling"); as in Ge 33:17, "Jacob built him an house," marking his settlement after wanderings (compare 2Sa 7:2-6). Then "any dwelling", as "a tent". Then "a family". Also "a temple". "The garden house," Beth-haggan (2Ki 9:27), by way of which Ahaziah fled; now Jenin, formerly EN-GANNIN, on the way from Samaria northward, overlooking the great plain.

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The second letter of the Heb. alphabet, and as such used in Ps 119 as the heading of the second part, each verse of which begins with this letter.


A word used in many compound names of places, and signifying 'house' or dwelling place: as Beth-el, house of God.



the most general word for a house or habitation. It has the special meaning of a temple or house of worship Beth is more frequently employed in compound names of places than any other word.