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Reference: Bozrah


1. An Edomite city known only as the place of origin of Jobah, son of Zerah, one of the Edomite kings (Ge 36:33; 1Ch 1:44). It was, however, of such importance in the kingdom of Edom that it is coupled with the name of the latter in poetic parallelisms (e.g. the denunciation in Isa 34:6; cf. Jer 49:22). The reference in Isa 63:1 to 'dyed garments' of Bozrah, and in Mic 2:12 to 'sheep of Bozrah,' may indicate the industries for which it was noted. The guesses that have been made at its identification are of no importance. 2. A Moabite city denounced by Jeremiah (Jer 48:24), and also unknown.

R. A. S. Macalister.

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