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properly a servant in charge of the wine (Ge 40:1-13; 41:9). The Hebrew word, mashkeh, thus translated is rendered also (plural) "cup-bearers" (1Ki 10:5; 2Ch 9:4). Nehemiah (Ne 1:11) was cup-bearer to king Artaxerxes. It was a position of great responsibility and honour in royal households.

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An officer of great importance in Oriental courts: he presented the drinking cup to the king. Ge 40. Nehemiah held the office at Shushan, and was highly esteemed by the king. Ne 2:1.

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One of the officers of the king's household,

Ne 1:11

who had charge of the wine and poured it out for the king. The chief butler, as the title signifies, was in charge of the butlers.

Ge 40:1-13

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