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In the summer season of Palestine, were an unlooked-for phenomenon, 1Sa 12:17-18, and rising from off the Mediterranean, betokened rain, 1Ki 18:44; Lu 12:54. Clouds are the symbol of armies and multitudes, probably by their grand and majestic movements, Isa 60:8; Jer 4:13; Heb 12:1. They betokened the presence of Jehovah, as on mount Sinai,

Ex 19:9; 24:12-18; in the temple, Ex 40:34; 1Ki 8:10; in the cloudy pillar, and on the mount of Transfiguration. They are found in many representations of the majesty of God, Ps 18:11-12; 97:2; and of Christ, Mt 24:30; Re 14:14-16.

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