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tower of the flock, a tower between Bethlehem and Hebron, near which Jacob first halted after leaving Bethlehem (Ge 35:21). In Mic 4:8 the word is rendered "tower of the flock" (marg., "Edar"), and is used as a designation of Bethlehem, which figuratively represents the royal line of David as sprung from Bethlehem.

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E'dar Tower of.

This occurs only in Ge 35:21, and signifies 'Tower of the flock.' Probably a tower built by the shepherds for the protection of their flocks. It was apparently a little south of Bethlehem. Jacob halted there with his flocks. The expression 'tower of the flock' occurs in Mic 4:8 (Edar in the margin) as the stronghold of the daughter of Zion.

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