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1. A son of Aaron. It was natural that priestly traditions should have much to say about him. But in earlier writings his name appears only twice, both probably from Elohist: De 10:6 (his succession to the priestly office at Aaron's death), Jos 24:33 (his death and burial). In Priestly Narrative he is the third son of Aaron by Elisheba, his brothers being Nadab, Abihu, and Ithamar (Ex 6:23; Nu 3:2). With them he was consecrated priest (Ex 28:1), and was chief over the Levites (Nu 3:32). Nadab and Abihu having died (Le 10:1 f.), he succeeded Aaron as chief priest (Nu 20:25-28). He took part in the census in Moab (Nu 26:1,63), and afterwards played a prominent part in the history of the settlement under Joshua (Jos 14:1; 17:4; 19:51; 21:1). He married a daughter of Putiel, and she bore him Phinehas (Ex 6:25). When the Zadokite priests returned from Babylon, they traced their descent to Aaron through Eleazar, ignoring the house of Eli (1Ch 6:3-8); in some cases, however, the claim was made through Ithamar (1Ch 24:5 f.). 2. Son of Abinadab (1Sa 7:1). 3. One of David's three heroes (2Sa 23:9; 1Ch 11:12 f.). 4. A Levite (1Ch 23:21; 24:28). 5. 1Es 8:43 = Eliezer, Ezr 10:18. 6. A priest (Ezr 8:33; Ne 12:42,1Es 8:63). 7. 1Es 9:19 = Eliezer, Ezr 10:18. 8. One who took a non-Israelite wife (Ezr 10:25,1Es 9:26). 9. A brother of Judas Maccab

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