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Reference: Eliab


1. The representative, or 'prince,' of the tribe of Zebulun, who assisted Moses and Aaron in numbering the children of Israel in the wilderness of Sinai (Nu 1:1 ff.). 2. The father of Dathan and Abiram (Nu 16:1). 3. The eldest brother of David, and thought by Samuel to have been destined for kingship in Israel on account of his beauty and stature (1Sa 16:6-7). He is mentioned as being a warrior in the Israelite camp on the occasion of Goliath's challenge to and defiance of the armies of Israel; he rebukes his younger brother David for his presumption in mixing himself up with the affairs of the army; his attitude towards David, after the victory of the latter over Goliath, is not mentioned. 4. One of the musicians who were appointed by the Levites, at David's command, to accompany the procession which was formed on the occasion of bringing the ark from the house of Obededom up to Jerusalem (1Ch 15:18). 5. One of the Gadites who joined David, during his outlaw life, in the hold in the wilderness (1Ch 12:9). 6. An ancestor of Samuel (1Ch 6:27; see Elihu No. 1). 7. One of Judith's ancestors (Jdt 8:1).

W. O. E. Oesterley.

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