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A Christian friend and fellow-laborer of Paul, a Corinthian, and chamberlain-that is, steward or treasurer-of the city. He followed Paul to Ephesus, and attended Timothy in a mission to Macedonia, Ac 19:22. He was again at Corinth when Paul wrote to the Romans, Ro 16:23; and remained there when Paul went as a prisoner to Rome, 2Ti 4:20.

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beloved. (1.) The "chamberlain" of the city of Corinth (Ro 16:23), and one of Paul's disciples. As treasurer of such a city he was a public officer of great dignity, and his conversion to the gospel was accordingly a proof of the wonderful success of the apostle's labours.

(2.) A companion of Paul at Ephesus, who was sent by him along with Timothy into Macedonia (Ac 19:22). Corinth was his usual place of abode (2Ti 4:20); but probably he may have been the same as the preceding.

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Chamberlain, i.e. city steward and treasurer of Corinth (Ro 16:23). The conversion of so prominent a man marks the great success of Paul's labors there. He ministered to Paul, accompanying him on his last journey to his second imprisonment at Rome; but "abode at Corinth," going no further, as Paul notes (2Ti 4:20) to depict his utter desertion by man. Erastus the missionary is perhaps distinct, as a chamberlain's office would hardly admit of continued missionary journeys (Ac 19:22).

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The name occurs thrice in NT among the Pauline company. An Erastus sends greetings in Ro 16:23, and is called 'the treasurer (AV 'chamberlain') of the city' (Corinth). The Erastus who was sent by St. Paul from Ephesus to Macedonia (Ac 19:22), and who later remained in Corinth (2Ti 4:20), is perhaps the same.

A. J. Maclean.

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1. One who ministered to Paul. He was sent by Paul into Macedonia, and later on is found abiding at Corinth. Ac 19:22; 2Ti 4:20.

2. Chamberlain or treasurer of Corinth. Ro 16:23. Perhaps the same as No. 1.

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1. One of the attendants of St. Paul at Ephesus, who with Timothy was sent forward into Macedonia.

Ac 19:22

(A.D. 51.) He is probably the same with Erastus who is again mentioned in the salutations to Timothy.

2Ti 4:20

2. Erastus the chamberlain, or rather the public treasurer, of Corinth, who was one of the early converts to Christianity.

Ro 16:23

According to the traditions of the Greek Church, he was first treasurer to the church at Jerusalem, and afterwards bishop of Paneas.

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