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Used for birds of prey: 'ayit (Ge 15:11; Job 28:7; Isa 18:6). The Assyrian host, type of the anti-Christian hosts (Re 19:17-18, ta ornea; Eze 39:17-20), "shall be left to the fowls of the mountains ... and the fowls shall summer upon them." In the sense "poultry," see Ne 5:18; 1Ki 4:23; "fatted fowl," barburim, from barar, "to be pure." Gesenius translated "geese." Birds in general (ta peteina) (Lu 12:24).

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The word 'fowl' is used in AV for any kind of bird. The two words 'bird' and 'fowl' are employed simply for the sake of variety or perhaps to distinguish two different Heb. or Gr. words occurring near one another. Thus Ge 15:10 'the birds (Heb. tsipp

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This term is used for every description of bird described as of the heaven and of the air, including those that feed on carrion, as in Ge 15:11; Re 19:17,21; and those for the table. 1Ki 4:23; Ne 5:18.

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Several distinct Hebrew and Greek words are thus rendered in the English Bible. Of these the most common is 'oph, which is usually a collective term for all kinds of birds. In

1Ki 4:23

among the daily provisions for Solomon's table "fatted fowl" are included. In the New Testament the word translated "fowls" is most frequently that which comprehends all kinds of birds (including ravens,

Lu 12:24


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