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A kind of hawk or kite, De 14:13. The same Hebrew word is translated vulture in Le 11:14.

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an Old English name for the common kite, mentioned only in De 14:13 (Heb ra'ah), the Milvus ater or black kite. The Hebrew word does not occur in the parallel passage in Leviticus (Le 11:14, da'ah, rendered "vulture;" in R.V., "kite"). It was an unclean bird. The Hebrew name is from a root meaning "to see," "to look," thus designating a bird with a keen sight. The bird intended is probably the buzzard, of which there are three species found in Palestine. (See Vulture.)

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The kite (De 14:13). Raah, so-called from its acute vision.

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raah. One of the unclean birds. De 14:13. In the parallel passage in Le 11:14 the word is omitted, as it is by the LXX, the Samaritan, and four Hebrew MSS. What bird is referred to is unknown.

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the old name for the common kite (Milvus ater), occurs only in

De 14:13

among the unclean birds of prey.

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